Wednesday, April 1, 2015

4/2 Agenda

Happy Thursday!
Welcome Mr. Harroff
Request from Mr. Harroff and comment from Mrs. Vaughn
Friday scheduling, need to check in with teachers
Fill in the created rubric
Anything to add to our Chrome v. Safari discussion
Blog Post D and S
Twitter B and A


  1. Love the blog, Mr. Charltray! E-team is doing great stuff, keep it up Team!
    Susan, Kate's mom

  2. Hello eTeam,

    I am looking forward to the meeting tomorrow. I am going to ask for a favor. As you know, the test using the iPad will end this Friday for the 4th grade. Next week the 3rd grade will begin their testing. To make sure all of the iPads are ready for 3rd grade, I would like the eTeam's help. I will explain following steps during the eTeam meeting.
    1. Make sure all apps are closed.
    2. Turn off the iPad completely.
    3. Notice if there if there is a wheel, in the middle of the iPad screen, that runs for a long time.
    4. If there is, I will show you tomorrow what to do.
    5. Turn on the iPad
    6. Make sure the iPad is neatly put back onto the cart
    7. Make sure the iPad is plugged in for charging.

    Again, I will talk about all these steps at the meeting, so don't worry about remembering them.

    See you then!